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menaruh foto profil facebook di blog

Display facebook photo gallery on blogger - There are some visitors want to get the tutorial on how to display facebook photo gallery on blogger. Therefore, blogger tutorial is trying to discuss about it.
To display facebook photo on blogger we can use photo badges widget which are provided by facebook itself. The reviews as follows.

Setting Photo Badges Widget on facebook

The first step you must to do is to set the photo badges widget on facebook. Here are the steps:
  1. Please to visit
  2. Continue to login to your facebook
  3. Edit as your desired. For the layout: you can chose Vertical, Horizontal, and 2 coloumns. For Number of Photos you can select the number of photos will be displayed.
    photo badges facebook
  4. Click Save if the setting has complete.
  5. Click the blogger to install automatically
    add to blogger
  6. You will go to login page. Please login to blogger using your ID
  7. If your blog is more than one on that account, then please to select the blog will be installed. Also determine the title for the widget, or leave it empty if you don’t want any title. Continue to click Add Widget button.
    add page element
  8. Now the widget automatically installed
  9. Done
Hopefully useful

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