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Horizontal Tab Menu F

H orizontal Tab Menu F At this opportunity, I will introduce one navigation menu which in form of horizontal, which in berry of name of tab menu F. A navigation menu the beautifulness, compatible in keeping in shares your header.
Tab menu F is the result of masterpiece from, I will only explain to you how to install this navigation in your blog. How do forming of tab menu F? Please see the picture below : Tab Menu F To see the demonstration directly, please click at the button below : Interest to install this navigation menu in blog your? please read steps till finish. I need to affirm that scripts which I give is possibility cannot in applying perfectly in your blog, because factor of the template which different each other, for that possibly you require to a little a few script which I give. This is his steps : Right click at both this picture, then clicked save picture As... then keep in your computer. tableftF.gif tabrightF.gif Then upload both the picture to server ordinary place of you saving the pictures you have. example : I'm ordinary saving my pictures in google pages, and the picture have the address be like this :

Be in fact, you can use both the picture address, however I worry if too much the use the the address hence server which I use cannot handling it so that the menu you use becoming not function better. Many ways to install this code, one of the way is be like this : Step #1 : 
1. Login to blogger with your ID 
2. After entering the dasboard page , click Layout. Please saw the picture : front panel 
3. Then click edit HTML tab. Please saw the picture : layout panel
4. I suggest to you, beforehand to back up your template. Click the Download full template link. Please saw the picture : download template
5. After you click Download full template link, then will emerge new window just to download. Click the Save   button. Saw the picture : download 
6. You could choose this data would in kept where and with what file name what, Afterwards ended with click of the Save button. Please saw the picture : saving template 
7. Copy and paste code above of ]]></b:skin

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